SPCA Seizes 45 Dogs From Show Judge, Breeder

SPCA Seizes 45 Dogs From Show Judge, Breeder

Forty-five dogs, many with serious health problems, have been seized from the Benoni home of a “well known” show dog judge and breeder, the SPCA said on Monday, 4 February.

When the SPCA first visited the premises, they were told there were only 15 dogs on the property. The inspectors saw a number of “healthy-looking” French Poodles in the garden, according to a statement.

The owner refused the inspectors into her home, so they had to return on Thursday, 7 February, with a search warrant. A further 30 dogs were discovered, hidden inside the house.

The Benoni SPCA will open a case of animal cruelty against the breeder once they had completed compiling a docket, said manager Vicky Finnemore. The process took time because they had to wait for vet reports and photos.

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