Helping your German Shepherds Sleep Well

Helping your German Shepherds Sleep Well

It will come as a surprise to many dog lovers that German Shepherds have difficulty sleeping. They can get insomnia so bad they can keep you awake for days and days. They can easily outlast your ability to stay awake. So what can you do to change this situation and help your German Shepherd to sleep?

Ways to Help your German Shepard 

There are several things you can do to help your German Shepherd to sleep including: 

  • Crate training to start with puppies. GSD puppies only sleep well when they are safe in a den or crate. When they get older, they can sleep outside a crate.
  • They need to sleep in your presence. Put their crate right by your bed so that they can smell and see you. This will assure them and relieve their separation anxiety.
  • When they get older and no longer need to sleep in a crate, get them the best German Shepherd Dog bed that you can afford. Make it cushy and as comfortable as possible. Make sure you pick a bed that is large enough for a large GSD.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough exercise during the day to wear her out but do not exercise her within an hour or so of bedtime. If you do she might be tired by she will want a lot of water to cool down. The problem with that is the small size of the GSD’s bladder. If you let him have water within two hours of bedtime, he will not be able to sleep through the night without going outside to relieve himself.
  • Finally, if your vet agrees, try a small dose of melatonin.


So, if your German Shepherd is keeping you awake at night, get him a good bed and let him sleep near you. Try the rest of the items on our list.