You Got The Kids A Pup For Christmas. What Now?

You Got The Kids A Pup For Christmas. What Now?

Adopting a puppy can be exciting, especially in the spirit of the Christmas holidays! You are welcoming a little companion into your home, but before you enter this new chapter in your life, there are certain things you need to think about first.

It’s a bit of an onslaught of things, actually; a little like having a new baby in the house. Except you get to choose whether it’s a boy or a girl, and a few other things. Deciding on the breed of puppy you get is crucial when it comes to the type of home you have. A large or very energetic dog may not suit you if you live in a small house or townhouse.

But for now, get the whole family involved in the fun of having a puppy around. It’s a lifetime commitment, so start it out that way. As for sleeping arrangements (inside or outside), that’s up to you. But you’ll need to keep the puppy’s comfort in mind.

There are, of course, costs that come with a pup. Vet check-ups, toys, potty training (which you may have thought you were done with) and, naturally, food.

But those costs are all outweighed by the love your pup will give back in spades.

And, as always, we recommend adopting instead of shopping. To learn more about how to adopt a dog in SA, click here.

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