Why Is My Dog Overweight?

Why Is My Dog Overweight?

Most people, at some point in time, struggle to shed some extra weight. Obesity in humans has reached epidemic proportions and in a study released two years ago, South Africans were classified as the third fattest people on earth. Worse than this, is the fact that obesity in pets is following this trend and fast becoming a disease on its own. Some studies show that more than 50 % of pets are overweight.

There are many factors that can influence pet obesity, including:

  • Neutering or spaying (sex hormones have a regulatory effect on metabolism)
  • Breed disposition
  • Diseases such as hypothyroidism
  • Certain medications, including corticosteroids
  • Owner-related and environmental factors

As the main structures in an overweight pet’s abdomen are obscured, it can make it difficult for a vet to examine. Thankfully, with exercise and a change to diet, both in consultation with your vet, you can bring an overweight pet back to within a healthy weight range.

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