Top Dog Diseases To Be Aware Of In South Africa

Top Dog Diseases To Be Aware Of In South Africa

If a dog has a particular kind of disease, how would you as the pet owner respond to this situation? The average lifespan of dogs in today’s generation is between 10 to 15 years. It would be shorter for small breeds, while large breeds could last a long time. Their life depends on how you take care of them.

  • Rabies

Probably the most infamous of all, and yet, infinitely preventable with a simple annual shot from your vet.

  • Parvovirus

Ensure your pup’s vaccinations are up to date, and that he is over 3 months before taking him to a dog park or other public place.

  • Canine distemper

Another disease preventable through vaccination, but often resistant to treatment.

  • Kennel cough

So-called because it’s usually associated with kennelling or close confinement of dogs, this is usually mild and self-limiting, but can develop into severe bronchopneumonia.

  • Obesity

Overweight dogs are prone to diabetes, heart enlargement and arthritis. Your vet can help get your dog back to a healthy weight.

  • Dental disease

More than just bad breath, dental disease can eventually lead to degenerative conditions like kidney and heart problems.

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