‘Tis The Season (To Watch Out For These 4 Holiday Health Issues)

‘Tis The Season (To Watch Out For These 4 Holiday Health Issues)

The holidays are a time of celebration, enthusiastic gift giving and (if we’re being honest) overindulgence for many humans. And because we love our dogs, it’s totally natural to want to include them in our festivities, but making too merry can make a dog sick.

The festive season is full of fun and cheer for us. Sometimes, we’re tempted to share with our pets. Keep these warnings in mind, and avoid trips to the veterinarian.

Don’t share human foods with your dog

Dogs metabolise food differently. Signs that something has gone seriously wrong include decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting and lethargy. Pancreatitis, for instance, is potentially life-threatening, so if you notice anything, get to a vet – fast.

Watch places your pup could get to human food

Dogs are clever. And determined. And we can be careless. Avoid leaving yummy roasts where your dog can get to them.

Don’t gift bones

Generally bones don’t make the greatest gifts. They can lead to any number of problems, including cracked teeth, and a large bill from veterinary dentists.


If you think the holidays are stressful for you, imagine what they’re like for your pup. Make sure you keep yourself as stress-free as you can, and avoid interruptions to your routine.

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