This Simple Trick Stops Your Dog Licking You

This Simple Trick Stops Your Dog Licking You

I have a one-year-old black Lab. He is a very sweet dog, but we cannot get him to stop licking us. When I say licking … I mean that we cannot pet him without getting licked.  What can we do to stop this behavior?

Nine times out of 10, your dog is licking to show affection. Remember that when puppies are born, the first stimulation they get is from licking. And it’s important; it starts them breathing. The rest of the time, it’s because he enjoys the saltiness of your skin, or it’s pure habit.

But if the licking is something you just don’t want, you can simply, but actively, ignore it. Your dog will get the idea soon enough. Here’s the trick.

When you’re petting your dog, and he starts licking, simply stand up and leave the room. It’s a chemical thing; the pleasurable endorphin release from licking is not happening any more.

It shouldn’t take long for him to learn not to lick you.

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