Puppy Feeding Guidelines

Puppy Feeding Guidelines

During the first six to eight weeks of life the puppy should stay with the mother and be allowed to nurse ad-lib. It is especially important they nurse from the mother. The mother’s milk provides the best nutrition and provides antibodies to help protect your puppy from disease.

Wean your puppy to solids over a few weeks. Select a good brand in consultation with your vet. The best puppy foods will offer a good source of protein, calcium and calories. Starting at four to six weeks old, mix milk replacer with the solid food.

Over the course of two to three weeks, gradually reduce the amount of replacer. This will help your puppy get used to solids, without upsetting his tummy. Puppies should be eating around three or four times a day. Smaller meals are easier to digest and, with all that puppy energy, he’ll need to replenish his stocks.

Feed your dog foods where meat is the first ingredient, rather than corn or meat by-products. And avoid letting your pup get too chubby.

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