Puppies: How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

Puppies: How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

Just how much exercise is too much for a puppy, and how are you supposed to know when enough is enough?

Veterinarians, breeders, trainers. They all seem to agree too much training is just as bad as not enough. But unfortunately no one’s come up with the perfect formula for puppy fitness yet. So, exactly how much exercise does your puppy need?

Common sense helps, for starters. And consider your puppy’s breed. Do your research, because a large-breed dog may often look like he enjoys all those jumping show activities, but they may do long-term damage as he grows and matures slowly.

Mental stimulation is a good way to play with and tire your pup without necessarily doing anything physical. This has the benefit of teaching your dog useful tricks, and strengthening the bond you have with him.

Reach out to your vet, breeders, or even other owners for advice and support. Watch your puppy for anything out of the ordinary. These could be signs of over-exercise, or deeper issues.

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