Perfect Companions – Silver-Faced Foster Dogs For The Elderly

Perfect Companions – Silver-Faced Foster Dogs For The Elderly

Silver-faced dogs and silver-haired humans have been given a chance to share love and companionship thanks to a new initiative set up to help the elderly.

It’s hard being a pensioner. As inflation rises, the money that was once enough to survive, has quickly become less and less, making it hard to spend on things that don’t ensure basic survival.

The same applies to senior dogs, as many people won’t adopt them due to health issues and the shorter period before they pass.

The Cape Dachshund Rescue group saw a way to free up space within their shelters and offer love and companionship to the elderly dogs and retired humans. They came up with a concept that allows pensioners the joy of caring for a dog without the high cost of vet bills. In return, the senior dogs get a chance to retire comfortably.

The initiative is called the ‘Frosty Face Fostering Programme.’

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