My Puppy Is Trying To Chew The Cord Of My Laptop Charger

My Puppy Is Trying To Chew The Cord Of My Laptop Charger

Although this may sound like a very unusual topic to discuss it is something that happens far more frequently than we would like. The most common reason for our pets to get electrocuted is chewing on electrical cords.

So, why does this happen? The most obvious answer would be curiosity. From the age of about two months to two years, puppies are growing, they’re teething and they’re exploring. Often, electrocution coincides with the festive season and its decorative lights, but for those of us working on laptops that need plugging in to charge, the risk is also an issue.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Burns are often the first thing we see when electrocution occurs. You will not always see the full extent of the burn, as it can take some time for them to appear.
  • Electric shock can affect your pet’s heart in a number of ways, which may result in death if severe enough.
  • There’s a possibility of a negative effect on your dog’s respiratory system. Look for rapid, harsh breathing, blue gums, coughing or absence of breathing all together.
  • The nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) can be overstimulated by electric shock.

Get to your vet as soon as you can. Let the vet know how the shock occurred, so he or she can commence treatment with the best possible knowledge of all the circumstances.

For more on the precautions you can take, click the link below.

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