How Much Attention Does My New Puppy Need?

How Much Attention Does My New Puppy Need?

When a young pup is brought home, they’re being exposed to a new and scary world. They’ve just been separated from their mother and have to navigate a new environment while maturing and learning how to behave.

Early training and bonding

Puppies spend up to 16 hours asleep. Use the few hours they are awake during the day for training and bonding. This includes toilet training, as new puppies can’t hold their bladders very long.

Is there such a thing as too much attention?

As a rule of thumb, don’t give your puppy more attention than you plan to when he’s fully grown. Be wary of spending all day with your pup, as he may come to rely on having you there and develop separation anxiety if you’re suddenly not around.

Sleep habits

Saying that puppies spend most of their day asleep is not to say they spend all night in dreamland. They need to learn to sleep through the night away from you. The best way to do this is by creating a safe, comfortable place for him to retreat to willingly. This should never be used as a ‘punishment’ area.

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