Here’s What People Get Wrong about Dogs and Bones

Here’s What People Get Wrong about Dogs and Bones

Chewing is a natural dog behavior, and there are safe dog chews and bones available. In fact, bones can provide mental stimulation and keep teeth clean. But before you hand over any old bone, read on to learn about which bones safe for dogs.

From raw bones (some come with their own caveats), to commercially-available dog chews, there are plenty of options to chew on. Their main benefits are helping keep your dog’s teeth clean, and stimulating his mind.

But do we really pay attention to the kind of bones we give our dogs? Should we worry about it, given that chewing is such a natural thing for them? Well, yes. And there are a good number of reasons why.

We won’t go into them all here. But let’s make sure we get a taste of the most important one.

Regardless of kind or size, never give cooked bones to your dog. Quite simply, even some of the smallest dogs can crack cooked bones. This results in splinters, which can cause a number of potential health problems.

It’s easy to give them a taste of the good life, though. Whether it’s a roast chicken or a beef stew, you can safely boil it all down, strain it and make a delicious bone broth. Serve it cool with their usual food.


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