Get The Key To Raising And Training Your New Puppy

Get The Key To Raising And Training Your New Puppy

Most people will agree that puppies are adorable, but before getting one you
should know that they also require lots of love, attention and training. You should
start training your puppy as soon as they arrive at their new home.

Try a training schedule

Puppies are naturally energetic and curious. The trick to handling it all is to react appropriately and face challenges with a plan. This makes the adjustment period shorter and easier, for you and your puppy.

Things to get right

Get your puppy used to a daily routine as early as possible. Start with feeding habits. You can control both time and location, and provide your pup with immediate reward. The other things to look at ingraining in your pup are:

  • Bed time
  • Rise time
  • Bed location
  • Toys location
  • Bathroom location
  • Water bowl location

Words to learn

Start small, with, ‘No,’ and ‘Good.’ Use them consistently, and with consistent body language. When correcting your puppy, be firm, not angry. When praising, show clear approval, but not too much affection. ‘No’ and ‘Good’ training should start between 8 and 10 weeks, and by 12 weeks, your puppy should understand what you mean. If not, keep at it, but take a look at how you’re doing it:

  • Are you consistent?
  • Are you over-praising?
  • Do you get too angry?

Before progressing to more advanced training, ensure these simple commands are completely understood.

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