3 Reasons Your Dog Goes Crazy After His Bath

3 Reasons Your Dog Goes Crazy After His Bath

If you give a dog a bath…

He’ll probably go crazy. No, seriously. There’s a real burst of activity afterward. Dogs go crazy after a bath because of anything from relief, to shaking to dry off, to rollin’ around trying to get rid of this weird new scent. It could be a release of nervous energy, or simply joy.

There are a few reasons your dog acts like a nutter after his bath. The ‘technical’ term is a Frenetic Random Activity Period. In this case, there’s very little random about it; you can tell precisely when it’s coming.

The crazies (or the zoomies, or whatever name you give this madness) happen because he’s relieved to be out of the bath, where he’s been patiently waiting since forever. Or because he wants to get rid of this weird new scent, and back to smelling like he used to before he got in the bath.

Lastly, he might just want to dry off. And rolling around in the grass, or on your most expensive couch, is the best way to get it done.

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