8 Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog Instead Of A Puppy

8 Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog Instead Of A Puppy

If you’re thinking about adopting a new canine fur baby, you might be daydreaming about all the ways in which puppies are just too unbearably cute. When many people think about getting a new dog, a puppy is often the first thing they think about. But, before you head on down to your local animal shelter to rescue your next adorable canine, consider the benefits of adopting an older animal.

Fewer surprises

  • When adopting an older dog, you’ll know pretty much exactly what you’re in for.

No potty or behavioural training

  • The shelter should be able to fill you in on the dog’s history. And adult dogs, thankfully, don’t have puppy bladders.

Sleep on your terms

  • Older dogs have settled sleeping patterns. Which, research suggests, may even help you sleep better.

No chewing issues

  • Older dogs are past teething age. A good bone or chew toy should do the trick.

All dogs deserve a forever home

  • Make sure you know your dog’s full history before you decide to take him home. There may be a lot of work ahead; you don’t want to be back in three months.

You might save a precious life

  • Many of these older dogs are simply overlooked, despite them being healthy and happy – just homeless.

Lower costs overall

  • Food needs are lower than growing puppies. They may also need fewer vet visits, fewer toys and fewer behavioural classes.

Doggie love!

  • In addition to everything above, you also get snuggles, cuddles and playtime. Who could possibly ask for more?

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