8 Dog Bathing Tips You Need To Know Now!

8 Dog Bathing Tips You Need To Know Now!

Splish splash, does your dog need a bath? Most humans shower once a day, but how often should you wash your dog? We’ll get down and dirty with the facts on how to keep your furry friend looking fresh and clean to ensure a happy, healthy pup.

Long-haired or messy, outside and playful dogs will require bathing more often than short-haired or indoor dogs. Here are eight tips to help you have the best bathing experience ever:

Buy your supplies

Dog shampoo, a mat to stop your pup sliding and some cotton balls to block water from their ears.

Brush first

Prep your pup with a good brushing.

Pick a spot and stick to it

Use the same bath space and routine every time.

Gather before you lather

Make sure everything you need is exactly where you need it before your pup is in the bath.

Water temperature matters

Lukewarm to slightly warm water is ideal.

Clean from bottom to top, rinse from head to tail

Start with the hind feet, work your way up to the face last. Pay attention to places most prone to getting dirty, like the paws.

Towel (or blow) dry

Cover your pup in a towel; this retains heat and will stop him shaking water all over your house.

Make it fun

Bathing can be a bonding experience. Take baby steps. Introduce them to water a little bit at a time. Reward with treats and don’t stress; they’ll pick up on it!

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