7 Tips to Save Your Garden From Your Dog

7 Tips to Save Your Garden From Your Dog

Your once-gorgeous lawn, garden, or fence-line now looks like a mini war zone, pockmarked with holes, savaged turf, and devastated vegetables. You know who’s to blame: your dog! Why does your dog keep digging up the yard? What can you do about it?

“What the… I only planted that this morning!”

Whatever breed of dog you have, chances are she’s had a go at your garden. Your lawn. And your veggie patch is probably also in tatters. But here are a few simple things to do, to make things easier for both of you:

  • Walkies!
    • All breeds require some activity. And we know some need a LOT more than others.
  • Distract her.
    • Toys, toys, toys! Different kinds, from the basic tennis ball to the purpose-built sandbox.
  • Stop her.
    • It might sound redundant but check where she’s digging. You can physically deter her using any number of means.
  • Cool her!
    • It is possible she’s digging down for cooler sand in hot weather. So, if it’s hot, help her cool off!

Owning a dog is a two-way conversation. Yes, she dug up your fresh-planted whateveritwas, but generally, there’s a good reason. Watch her closely. She’ll tell you what it is.

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