6 Easy Ways to Stop a Dog From Jumping

6 Easy Ways to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Jumping up when greeting is one of the most common complaints pet owners have about their dogs. The reason this behavior happens so frequently is that in dog to dog communication, moving right toward the face is not only common but may show social politeness and deference to the other animal.

For dogs, jumping up to make friends is typical social behaviour. Just watch them in a park. It’s not so great for your friends, and it’s probably not so great for you, either. So; what to do?

First of all, what you want to avoid is punishment. Pushing her away, the knee to the chest… not so great. What we want is to give her something to do in place of jumping. Something that will encourage the behaviour we want.

With time, practice and patience, you and your dog can replace the stimulus she feels from jumping, with a simple sit, stay or down. And a few choice treats. If you’re into click training, that can be useful, too.

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