5 Tips For Safe, Stress-Free Pet Travel

5 Tips For Safe, Stress-Free Pet Travel

Implement these travel tips to ensure your pets remain healthy and happy, wherever you travel these holidays.

Before you travel:

  • Check with your hosts (hotels, family or otherwise) about special requirements regarding pets
  • If your pets are not going with you, make sure you’ve made appropriate kennelling or pet sitter arrangements
  • Provide all the appropriate information (medication, proper feeding, etc)

Check all vaccinations are up-to-date:

  • Travel with your vaccination booklet or certificates
  • Microchip your pets and ensure they’re wearing ID tags, in case they get lost

Remember to pack your pet’s basics when packing for yourself:

  • Include food, medicine, a leash and tagged collar
  • Again, don’t forget the vaccination booklet or certificates

Driving with Daisy:

  • Keep pets safe and secure
  • Stop often enough for them to stretch, relieve themselves, and hydrate
  • Never leave them unattended in an unventilated car

Beware of tick-infested areas:

  • Tick bites can cause biliary, which can be fatal
  • Tick bite symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, pale gums and inner eyelids, and vomiting
  • In the case of biliary, there will also likely be red urine
  • Ticks also attach to items you bring home with you, so there is also a risk to pets that stayed behind

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