5 Things To Know Before Adopting A Bully Breed

5 Things To Know Before Adopting A Bully Breed

There are a lot of really outrageous — and just plain wrong — myths about these breeds’ physical make-up. From claims that they come equipped with super powerful jaws that lock like a crocodile’s to theories that they have swelling brains that make them go crazy, it’s no wonder bully breeds have a somewhat spotty reputation.

There’s quite a lot to know about bringing a bully breed home, so here we go.

First, bully breeds are anatomically identical to every other breed. No super-canine strength, no biting down and never letting go.

Second, keeping a bully means having the time to give your dog a lot of exercise. These are typically energetic and athletic breeds.

Third, you need to know your dog’s level of tolerance for other animals – and people. Once you’ve chosen a bully to adopt, visit with your other pets soon to see if there are any potential problems. Then decide on a socialisation strategy.

Fourth, if you have kids, you need to get them used to the new dog, as much as vice versa. Many of these breeds are well-built and could easily knock your little ones over when playing.

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly; space and cost. Many bullies do well in townhouses; they just need to be exercised and kept entertained. Ensure there’s no way for her to escape. Some bully breeds are excellent jumpers and, being so intelligent, they will try – and try again – to find a way past loose fence boards.

Apart from that, they shouldn’t cost more than any other breed to feed, and they’re almost all short-coated, so grooming is easy. They’re sociable, loving and fun. Go adopt a bully breed today. As they say; “you’ll be glad you did.”

And if you’re wondering how dog adoption works in South Africa, check out our new guide. You’ll know exactly what to expect when you decide to rescue your future bully.

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