5 Essential Commands Worth Teaching Your Dog

5 Essential Commands Worth Teaching Your Dog

Just because your beloved dog is balanced, happy and healthy doesn’t mean he or she is
obedient. Luckily, with a few basic tricks, you can manage certain unfavourable behaviours
that you’re experiencing or that can creep in later.

You could go to classes, or try these yourself and build a stronger connection with your pup. And, of course, you get to spend quality time together every day.


This is not only easy to do, it forms the basis for the more advanced commands that follow.


Not easy to master, but with repetition and patience, it proves very useful in unexpected situations.


This is probably one of the hardest to get right, as you’re asking your dog to get into a submissive position.


Here, you absolutely have to have the ‘Sit’ mastered. It’s tricky, because self-control isn’t big with dogs.

Leave it

‘Down’ is tricky, this is even more so. But incredibly useful, especially because it may keep your dog from harm. That amazing sense of smell can sometimes have dogs sniffing around things they shouldn’t be. A quick ‘Leave it,’ if they know what it means, can be great.

Click the link below and find out how to teach your dog these essential tricks.

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