4 Things Not To Do When Owning A Power Breed Dog

4 Things Not To Do When Owning A Power Breed Dog

We do want to remind all dog owners that owning a dog comes with great responsibility.

We encourage power breed owners to guard against aggression.

— Belinda Abrahams, Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson

First, don’t support backyard breeders and second, don’t accept a puppy unless you fully understand the nature of the parents. The reason is that puppies bred from aggressive parents have a high tendency for viciousness.

Aggression starts in puppyhood. Unless you can meet the resources – of both time and finance – of training, socialising and developing tolerance in your puppy towards children, adults and elderly people, then here’s number three; don’t get a power breed dog.

Children running past fenced-in dogs can unintentionally tease these dogs. If you own a power breed, and you are found to be liable of negligence in terms of the Animal Matters Amendment Act, you potentially face a fine, or imprisonment. So, for number four; don’t get a dog you don’t have time and space for.

So, please. If you do, or intend to, own a power breed, ensure the following:

  • Your puppy comes from happy, well-adjusted parents
  • You spend sufficient time training and socialising her with other dogs
  • Develop tolerance in your puppy for at-risk groups, like children and the elderly
  • Finally, get plenty of exercise with your dog, every day.

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